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Omnium E‑Cargo Beltdrive WiFi Blurple M Supernova Lichter // Lastenrad E‑Bike Pedelec // 2022 #

Größenempfehlung des Herstellers: 175 – 185cm — size Medium

Sonderzubehör: Webbing + Extender Bar + Supernova Lichter

Farbe: Blurple

Größe: M



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The Car­go is an incred­i­bly ver­sa­tile, light­weight and fast car­go bike that can han­dle heavy loads and big objects with ease.

The best part is, it rides like a nor­mal bike when unloaded, due to it‘s clever con­struc­tion and famil­iar geometry.

The Car­go is also the mod­el with the longest wheel­base, which calls for very sta­ble han­dling. The wheel­base also allows for great sta­bil­i­ty when load­ing the rack on your own, as the weight is posi­tioned in the mid­dle of the front wheel and the kickstand.

Need to pick up your new dream sofa? Easy. Bring­ing your kid to the day­care before work? No prob­lem! Bring a com­put­er for work or a change of clothes for the gym in a water­proof duf­fle and you‘re good to go, rain or shine, all year long.


Omni­um E‑Cargo WiFi with inte­grat­ed Shi­mano STEPS EP8 CRG dri­ve unit, thru axles front and rear, and 55mm Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires. The STEPS EP8 is by far the best sys­tem for an elec­tric bike – we test­ed a lot of options and we are cer­tain this is the Omni­um Car­go that will take you to the very TOP of the hill.

A brand new, com­plete bike, deliv­ered world­wide. Bike comes near­ly ready to ride with just a few basic assem­bly tasks required, list­ed below:

  • Install front and rear wheel, seat + seat­post, stem, handlebars.
  • Align front and rear brake
  • Install mud­guards
  • Inflate tires

If you are the slight­est bit in doubt, please con­sult with your local bike shop.

Pow­er­ful SHIMANO STEPS motor is strong enough to han­dle the steep­est of hills with a load, yet intu­itive enough to give you just the right amount of sup­port every ped­al stroke along the way. Designed specif­i­cal­ly to give you that nat­ur­al feel of rid­ing a nor­mal bike. The sys­tem weighs only 2.8kg, one of the light­est motors on the mar­ket. Sta­ble, smooth intu­itive pow­er for improved bike han­dling over every part of your day. Solid­ly sup­ports speeds up to 25 km/h.

Ultra-durable, replace­able, pow­er­ful bat­tery spe­cial­ly designed for the rig­ors of car­go bik­ing. Low pro­file design for improved impact and vibra­tion resis­tance. High capac­i­ty long-last­ing Li-Ion bat­tery of 504 Wh to cov­er more ter­ri­to­ry. Sup­port­ed trav­el up to 100 km on one charge. 1,000 charge cycles with no sig­nif­i­cant pow­er loss.

Elec­tron­ic Shifting
With the e‑bike spe­cif­ic Nexus inter-5e hub we intro­duce elec­tron­ic shift­ing on all e‑bikes. This makes for easy and main­te­nance free gear shift­ing. The hub offers a 263% gear range with option­al auto­mat­ic shifting.

Gates Belt­drive
Extreme­ly durable and main­te­nance free Gates Belt­drive dri­ve­train will make sure you won’t drop or break the chain due to the high torque of the dri­ve unit. It will run smooth for thou­sands of km with­out hav­ing to grease it. More­over you won’t have oil on your dri­ve­train to smush your trousers or your hands when chang­ing an inner tube or adjust­ing the rear wheel.


Car­go WiFi XS (49.5) S (52) M (54.5) L (57) XL (60)
STL – seat tube length (c‑t) 495 mm 520 mm 545 mm 570 mm 600 mm
TTL – top tube length (c‑c / actual) 505 mm 520 mm 545 mm 570 mm 600 mm
Stack 544 mm 568 mm 592 mm 618 mm 628 mm
Reach 349 mm 356 mm 373 mm 393 mm 414 mm
SO – stan­dover height 738 mm 762 mm 786 mm 811 mm 829 mm
BBH – bot­tom brack­et height 273 mm 273 mm 273 mm 273 mm 273 mm
BBD – bot­tom brack­et drop 96 mm 96 mm 96 mm 96 mm 96 mm
STA – seat tube angle 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
HTA1 – head tube angle rear 74° 74° 74.5° 74.5° 75°
HTA2 – head tube angle front 74° 74° 74.5° 74.5° 75°
WB – wheelbase 1573 mm 1585 mm 1605 mm 1630 mm 1651 mm
A‑C – axle to crown 295 mm 295 mm 295 mm 295 mm 295 mm
R – rake 45 mm 45 mm 45 mm 45 mm 45 mm
T – trail 28 mm 28 mm 26 mm 26 mm 24 mm
CSL – chain­stay length 462 mm 462 mm 462 mm 462 mm 462 mm
FL – full bike length 2205 mm 2217 mm 2237 mm 2262 mm 2283 mm


Weight: Com­plete Medi­um E‑Cargo WiFi bike weighs around 28kg with webbing
SRAM Guide RE 4 pis­ton IS 160mm front and rear
Gears: Shi­mano Nexus 5 inter­nal gear hub, Gates 125T CDX car­bon dri­ve belt, Gates 28T rear sprocket.
Stem: 3D forged 6061 alu­mini­um, 80mm stan­dard, over­size 31.8mm, mat­te black
Han­dle­bar: 6061 alu­mini­um, 700mm wide, 15mm rise, over­size, mat­te black
Seat­post: 31.6mm forged alloy 6061 alu­mini­um, T6, 15mm set­back, mat­te black
Grips: Omni­um lock-on, black, foam
Crankset: Shi­mano Steps FC-EM600 165mm crank arm with Gates 39T 104bcd chainring
Headset/s: VP Com­po­nents, sealed bearings
Sad­dle: Omni­um Stan­dard Saddle
Tyres: Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 55–622 (700x55mm) & 55–406 (20×2.15″)
Wheels: Nexus inter-5e 135 x 10mm 622 (700c) rear­wheel & 15 x 100mm thru axle 406 (20″) front, 38mm wide rims
Kick­stand: Omni­um, cast alu­mini­um twin-leg
Ped­als: Cast met­al plat­form, black
Mud­guards: WiFi 60mm wide mat­te black
Motor: Shi­mano Steps EP8 CRG


Dou­ble-Butted Chro­moly Steel Frame
4 Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Stan­dard Rack Weight: 1320g +/-
Rack dimen­sions: 83cm x 50cm, made of Aluminum
Seat post diam­e­ter: 31.6 mm
Seat post clamp size: 34.0 mm
Rear Wheel: 622, 12 x 142mm spac­ing, disc only
Front Wheel: 406, 15 x 100 mm spac­ing, disc only
Tyre clear­ance, front: 55mm with mudguards
Tyre clear­ance, rear: 55mm with mudguards
Fork head­set: 1 1/8″ Thread­ed Inte­grat­ed with lock­ing cap
Steer­er head­set: 1 1/8″ Ahead
Gears: For 1x rear derailleur gear sys­tem, not belt compatible.
Rec­om­mend­ed max­i­mum load­ing weight includ­ing rid­er: 175 kg



Omnium Lastenräder und E-Cargobikes im Zweiradladen Aurich in Ostfriesland.


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